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HDOne 16000GB with eLane-1e 1 Port PCI-e host card (SKU#741222E)


Capacity 16 TB
Interface PCI-e
Spindle Speed 7200RPM
Hotswappable 8 Drives
Weight 29.98 lbs.
Dimensions 13.14 x 5.98 x 12.83 Inches
RAID Compatibility RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, JBOD
Model HDOne-D-16TB-E


CalDigit HDOne 16TB RAID PCI-e External Hard Drive

Capable of RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and JBOD, the HDOne comes with 8 drive modules and a CalDigit RAID controller card.

400MB/s of data transfer speed at RAID 5 makes this device perfect for video editing, photographic library management, large databases, as well as MP3 and game libraries.

Protection and Amazing Speed
The HDOne is configured with RAID 5 out of the box for a blistering 400MB/s transfer rate. This allows 10-bit uncompressed HD video playback. HDOne also supports RAID 6 which can sustain up to 2 drive failures without loss of data.

RAID Shield Software
The RAID Shield Client GUI allows you to monitor drive performance with ease. Enclosure conditions such as temperature and fan speed are just a click away and RAID configuration changes are an easy push of the button.

Zero Delay
With the included RAID card connecting to your PCI-Express slot, the HDOne has a direct connection to your workstation's bridge chip and memory. Bottlenecks are decreased while bandwidth increases.

Latency is eliminated by reducing the frequency of software communication between the system and the HDOne.

Heat Tolerant
Heat is builds up inside the case each time you add new hardware components to your workstation. This makes the system work harder to keep everything cool. With the HDOne your new hardware is external and away from the internal components of your computer allowing all your components to live a cooler and longer life.

Your HDOne can go anywhere your laptop goes with use of the CalDigit ExpressCard. Simply plug the ExpressCard into your laptop, select your workstation using the RAID Shield software and you're ready to edit or manage your data.

Intel XScale Processor

At the heart of the HDOne resides an Intel XScale Core Processor. This special CPU optimizes power consumption while maximizing data performance.


Developed by CalDigit, Active Sustained Transfer Technolgy (ASTT) keeps performance at a maximum by continuously analyzing data movement and optimizing the best transfer size and timing between the RAID cache and the host workstation.

With the HDOne's ability to boot your system from your favorite OS (Mac OS, Linux, or Windows) you now have the ability to troubleshoot your system startup disk or even create a mobile system that lets you use your custom configured system in many different locations.

Break the 2TB Limitation of Windows
CalDigit's engineers have created a solution that lets Windows users access the entire volume of the HDOne as a single drive, eliminating the previous 2TB limitation on hardware RAID sets.

100% Satisfaction
The HDOne comes with a 1 year warranty plus a 30 day money back guarantee. Technical support is just a phone-call away.

The HDOne is compatible with OS X, Linux, and Windows.


    * Eight independent 3Gb/s SATA hard drives directly attached to the computer board.
    * Maximum 8 TB of storage capacity using 7200RPM SATA II 3G disk drive.

DDR 333 MHz SDRAM with 256 Mb


    * Modular design
    * Outline Dimension: 92 X 92 X 25 mm
    * Rated Voltage: DC 12.0 V
    * Rated Current: 0.10 A + 10%
    * Rated Power Consumption: 1.20 W + 10%
    * Rotational Speed: 1900 R.P.M. +/- 10%
    * Max. Airflow: 40.2 CFM (ft3/min)
    * Noise Level: 25.0 dB (A)

Size and Weight

    * Height: 13.14 inches (33.4 cm)
    * Width: 5.98 inches (15.2 cm)
    * Depth: 12.83 inches (32.6 cm)
    * Weight: 29.98 lb (13.6 kg)

In the Box

    * HDOne Unit x 1
    * PCI-E or PCI-X card x 1
    * PCI Express Cable X 1
    * Drive Trays X 8
    * Installation CD
    * Power Cord X 1

Power Supply

    * 200W Cool Swappable Power Supply with Fan.
    * Full range: 100~240 VAC (+/- 10% tolerance).
    * Frequency: the input frequency range will be 47hz~63hz.
    * Steady-state current: 4~2 amps maximum at any low/high range input.

Environmental Requirements

    * Operation Temperature: 0°C~60°C
    * Storage Temperature: -20°C~70°C
    * Operation Humidity: 5%~85%, Non-condensing
    * Storage Humidity: 5%~95%


    * Windows XP
    * Vista
    * Mac OS X
    * Linux
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