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MÔ TẢ SẢN PHẨM Voltaire® Grid Director™ 9024
Voltaire® Grid Director™ 9024
Ngày cập nhật: 21/06/2013
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Số lượng: Giỏ hàng
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Voltaire® Grid Director™ 9024

High Performance, Low Latency InfiniBand Switching for Small-to-Medium-Sized Clusters and Grids

Features & Benefits

    * 20 Gbps performance for clusters and grids
    * Ultra-low latency: under 140 nanoseconds
    * Available bandwidth of up to 960 Gbps
    * Built-in high availability
    * Ideal for scientific, commercial HPC and enterprise applications
    * Architected to provide high MTBF
    * Powerful CPU to allow management of fabrics, as well as device management capabilities


The Voltaire Grid Switch 9024 is a high performance, low latency, fully non-blocking switch for high performance computing (HPC) clusters and grids. Offering available bandwidth of up to 960 Gbps, the Grid Switch 9024 is a cost-effective alternative to proprietary interconnect technologies. With twenty-four 20 Gbps ports in a 1U chassis, the standards-based Grid Switch 9024 delivers high bandwidth and low latency at affordable pricing. Using the Grid Switch 9024, you can build high performance clusters and grids that scale from several to thousands of nodes.

Leverage the Performance of InfiniBand

InfiniBand is an industry standard high performance interconnect for high performance computing clusters and enterprise grids. InfiniBand offers high speed 20-120 Gbps bandwidth and low latency capabilities that deliver impressive price/performance. It is the first high speed networking technology to enable low cost server clusters and grids to accomplish complex computing tasks at the same or greater speeds than expensive high-end servers.

High Performance Computing Clusters & Grids

The Grid Switch 9024 is a fully non-blocking switch for configurations of up to 24 ports and serves as a cost-effective building block for FAT Tree topologies of tens of nodes for scientific, commercial HPC and enterprise grid applications. When combined with the Voltaire Grid Director 2012 and/or ISR 2004 high port density switch, the Grid Switch ISR 9024 enables the formation of clusters scaling to thousands of nodes.

High Availability

The Grid Switch 9024 is built for mission-critical application deployment, featuring redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, as well as an optional hot-swappable fan unit. Benefiting from robust InfiniBand architecture, the Grid Switch 9024 offers a true plug-and-play environment, allowing servers to be added without taking down the fabric.

Fabric Management

GridVision Fabric Manager provides a single point of management accessed through an intuitive Java-based GUI or flexible CLI that makes finding and replacing failing nodes, viewing the overall health of network resources or tuning fabric parameters for optimal performance easy and intuitive. With accelerated fabric initialization, advanced fabric routing algorithms, and enterprise class fabric visualization capabilities, GridVision Fabric Manager is much more than a simple InfiniBand Subnet Manager (SM). It is a set of advanced tools and utilities that simplifies common tasks related to the configuration, management and monitoring of InfiniBand resources. GridVision is available as an embedded solution on the Grid Switch 9024.

Voltaire Family of Switching and Software Solutions

Voltaire designs and develops server and storage switching and software solutions that enable high-performance grid computing within the data center. Voltaire's integrated family of multi-service switching solutions and network virtualization software delivers the highest performance, intelligent backbone for grid computing architectures. Leveraging the InfiniBand standard, Voltaire solutions offer improved performance, utilization and scalability across compute clusters, storage and IP networks.

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