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MÔ TẢ SẢN PHẨM Voltaire® Grid Director™ 2012
Voltaire® Grid Director™ 2012
Ngày cập nhật: 21/06/2013
Giá: Call
Số lượng: Giỏ hàng
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Voltaire® Grid Director™ 2012

Features & Benefits
    * Maximum of 288 InfiniBand 4X ports operating up to 20Gbps ports in a 15U enclosure
    * Less than 450 nanosecond of latency between any two ports
    * Fully integrated with advanced GridVison Fabric Management software
    * Optional multi-service connectivity
    * Hot-swappable components, redundant management blades, power supplies and fans meet stringent availability requirements
    * InfiniBand™ specification 1.1 compliant

The Industry’s First “DDR by Design” 20 Gbps InfiniBand Switch Enabling Scalable High-Performance Clusters with Ultra-Low BER

The Voltaire DDR InfiniBand Grid Director 2012 multi-service switch enables high performance applications to run on distributed server, storage and network resources. Multiple Grid Director 2012 switches can be interconnected to form very large high performance clusters and grids that can grow into the thousands of nodes with “pay as you grow” scalability. High performance environments require no-compromise solutions. The Voltaire DDR InfiniBand Grid Director 2012 delivers just that—with up to 288 ports of error-free 20 gigabits per second InfiniBand connectivity. Ultra low latencies and an impressive 11.52 terabits per second non-blocking backplane eliminate communication bottlenecks, allowing applications to perform at maximum efficiency. As the industry’s largest multi-service switching solution, the DDR InfiniBand Grid Director 2012 provides unprecedented levels of performance and scalability for large, high performance computing environments and grids.

Purpose-Built for the Next Generation Data Center

The Grid Director 2012 is Voltaire’s second generation director class 20 Gbps DDR InfiniBand switch. Voltaire’s considerable experience deploying high performance interconnects in the world’s fastest supercomputers and high performance data centers was used to create the perfect building block for clusters and grids that scale into the thousands of nodes. The industry-leading design of the DDR InfiniBand Grid Director 2012 provides reliable packet delivery with the best signal quality available. The reliable delivery of packets increases application efficiency by avoiding costly packet drops and retransmissions associated with alternative solutions. With its excellent signal integrity, the Grid Director 2012 supports copper InfiniBand cables up to 14m and optical InfiniBand cables up to 100m extending the reach of high performance computing systems and increasing data center scalability. This becomes increasingly important as grids and clusters scale and require more space in the data center requiring longer cable reaches.

Multi-service Connectivity

In addition to scalable InfiniBand switching, the DDR InfiniBand Grid Director 2012 offers powerful multi-protocol connectivity in a single, flexible system. The chassis supports the use of high performance I/O modules providing seamless connectivity between server clusters, FC SANs, NAS appliances, IP SANs and TCP/IP networks (LANs).

Fabric Management

GridVision Fabric Manager provides a single point of management accessed through an intuitive Java-based GUI or flexible CLI that makes finding and replacing failing nodes, viewing the overall health of network resources or tuning fabric parameters for optimal performance easy and intuitive. With accelerated fabric initialization, advanced fabric routing algorithms, and enterprise class fabric visualization capabilities, GridVision Fabric Manager is much more than a simple InfiniBand Subnet Manager (SM). It is a set of advanced tools and utilities that simplifies common tasks related to the configuration, management and monitoring of InfiniBand resources. GridVision is available as an embedded solution on the DDR InfiniBand Grid Director 2012.

Built-in Reliability, Availability and Supportability (RAS)

The DDR InfiniBand Grid Director 2012 was designed for data center administrators who want to spend time delivering business results and less time worrying about problems. All critical components including power supplies, fans and management controllers have built-in redundancy ensuring maximum system up time and supportability. Redundant management boards maintain synchronization so that a failure can be recovered without the loss of management information or any disruption in communication.

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